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Going Around in Circles?As a long-term Arizona based financial consulting corporation that has strived for excellence in all client relationships for nearly 30 years, Financial Strategies, Inc. enjoys the highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau and the National Ethics Association of America.

If you are now anticipating retirement and getting off that constant hamster wheel called "work"... congratulations! The decisions you make in the initial retirement planning process can either give you guaranteed income for the rest of your life or it can cause you to prematurely run out of money. If you run out of money, that can put you right back on that hamster's wheel at the worst time of all. Who wants to go back to work  when you are truly sick and tired and worn out or worse - too old to do go back to work?

Piggy BankThose who make it to the retirement "finish line" with an adequate "piggy bank" obviously are happy they did well during their working years. But they are super protective on how that retirement money gets invested and how it gets spent. They know that having and protecting savings in retirement is not without it's challenges. If you don't set yourself up for success and long term existence -- you automatically are setting yourself up for eventual failure.

That is why this site exists, to offer starter motivation to make retirement decisions with a qualified professional financial consultant whose multi-faceted financial corporation offers a free initial conference to come in and just chat about your goals for your current or eventual retirement.

Whether you need motivation or just someone to point you in the right direction when obstacles pop up, we can assist. Unforeseen things can happen both good and bad. For example, you could have plenty of cash in the bank but forget to carry proper asset protection insurance coverage or legal documents - and loose it all in a lawsuit over an auto accident ruled your fault. But, you could also get a check from that long lost distant cousin or uncle that left you a tax free $ 500,000 inheritance!

The Biggest Mistake You Could Make

Hire our firm to consult on your initial retirement decisions and we will help you avoid the biggest mistake newly retirement clients can easily make. Nothing compares to this mistake since even losing 50% of your money in a stock market crash would be better than.... living too long!  Yes, the biggest mistake you can make right now is to NOT plan for your own longevity!

Retirement Coffee BreakSo please grab a cup of coffee or tea and spend a few minutes with us brushing up on your knowledge of the proper steps in planning for your  L   O   N   G  retirement future. No matter what you have heard or think you know -- there is always room for improvement no matter if you are still working or have already retired.

The right retirement plan will first set up enough guaranteed income to cover your basic expenses, so you never end up as a greeter at Wal-Mart.

A well thought of retirement plan will continue on and assist in preserving and helping you grow your money already saved, and protect your spouse or heirs from probate by using trust planning. (Adding privacy as well to your financial affairs)

A well thought of retirement plan will help you obtain the right type of nursing coverage that allows for you to stay in your own home, (even if you are uninsurable), and not be forced to incarceration in a nursing home in order to use your coverage.

Additionally, a proper and well thought out retirement plan will explore the advantages of advanced planning options. Such as learning why some of the richest people on earth spend as much as their retirement money traveling and helping others as they can before they die.

This is because modern retired couples like to set up and leave sizable tax-free life insurance estates to their kids or loved ones, buying life insurance for just pennies on the dollar each year in premium payments. And spending their kid's inheritance with no guilt!

Retire Happy

And lastly, retirement planning should achieve the highest goal of all and that is for you to retire happy. Yes, happy. Not worrying about what the stock market did today. Or crunching out monthly spreadsheet budgets worrying you don't have enough money to get to the end of the month before your first of the month retirement checks come in. 

Your Happiness is the highest goal and we set the bar "high" for you to work with us and achieve that MOST IMPORTANT GOAL.  You probably known someone whose retirement years got shortened from bad financial decisions. A professional financial consultant will educate you on the warning signs of a retirement plan heading for or already in trouble. 

BTW:  Along with that cup of "Joe" you were suggested to prepare -- go ahead and have that pastry item too. You deserve it!


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 What are the signs you may need a trusted financial advisor...and may not even know it?

You may need a financial advisor now, if...

...you are not on your way to financial independence or easy retirement days... but it is more like you feel stuck with financial "dependence" on credit cards or other debts. 

...you are spending everything you are making every year, and sometimes even borrowing against your home to pay off your credit cards.

...taxes seem to be consuming a large portion of your annual income, and you have few credible ideas on how to lower them.

...debt is like a pesky relative or neighbor in your household.  Every time you turn around, you see more and more of them!  (You are still in debt, besides your home mortgage, and you can't seem to pay down the credit cards to zero balances)

...you know you need some kind of will or trust planning document, and are concerned about having a Living Will as well. But you are afraid of high costs in getting your estate planning done properly. Or, you may be one of hundreds of thousands of Arizona trust owners who now need an upgrade to include new "ATC" provisions in their trust, or modify how your large retirement plans will be treated by the huge changes in the SECURE ACT that became effective January 1st, 2020.

...an inherited IRA or any other inheritance is possible, imminent, or in your hands and you don't exactly know what to do with it and who to trust to help you. Or how taxes work on inherited money.

...you are wondering if your former employer's 401-k or 403-b retirement plan should be rolled over into an account in your own name.  Or you just retired and now face rollover or other retirement options, and you don't know for sure what to do and who to trust for advice.

...or, lastly, you have been "bush-whacked" by an economic tragedy, stock market loss, have taken a pay cut (or worse - lost your job!), or any combination of these events. _____________________________________________________________________________  

You can contact us about any financial question at: info@webfsi.com

 (If  we can not answer it, we will try to give you direction for an answer or a referral)

Or, for immediate service, call us toll-free at: 


(Outside the Metro-Phoenix Area)

**  Financial Strategies, Inc. is an Arizona licensed certified legal document preparer firm (AZCLDP) under license # 80738, and an insurance brokerage firm under Arizona License #3777.  Additional services are provided by FSI owner M.D. Anderson as an IRS Tax Preparer under PTIN  ID # P00281346 and as an Arizona Realtor® under Arizona Real Estate License #SA534235000 and represents Realty One Group as a professional Realtor in the Tempe, Arizona office.  Mr. Anderson is a former Securities Representative and Registered Investment Advisor Representative.  FSI also provides estate, tax, business, computer consulting, and assists clients wanting to purchase precious metals. (consulting and sales),other hard assets as well as crypto coin investing. Also he is a nationally known Inherited IRA consultant and has been published in many national print and/or online publications. 








Procrastination Is Not Your Friend!

Subject:  Arizona Legal Documents including Needed Arizona Trust Code and SECURE ACT Updates!      

Link: www.ArizonaTrustPortfolios.com

Procrastination doing proper legal documents puts about 70% of Americans in their grave without ever drafting these important, relatively low cost estate planning instruments. Just by executing these documents, one could alleviated many expenses both before and after their death.  

But, they also can help drastically reduce the stress, pain, and suffering that remaining family and surviving heirs must endure because this important area of finance never got done!

You can investigate this topic more, on our free information website now.  Just click on the picture, or the link above.

Inherited IRA Hell - Oh My!

Subject:  Inheriting a Large IRA   

Link:  www.InheritedIRAHell.com

Inherited IRA Hell CashNo one wants to go there.  Yet, many who inherit a large IRA from a non-spouse heir are finding themselves in IRA hell.  The hot flames of excess income taxation are burning up needless money that could have been or should have been avoided.  And, the biggest culprit isn't the company wanting your rollover (or the remains) to come to them.  No, it is the current company and usually their broker or salesperson who pushes you into this very much avoidable tax trap!

You can educate yourself if you have a large IRA or if you are the potential heir.  New laws keep making it easier to stay out of inherited IRA hell.  But, professional advisory is the key so you can understand and take action ahead of time to make sure you don't get burned!

You can investigate this topic more, on our free information website now.  Just click on the picture, or the link above.


Reality and Real Estate! 

Subject: What you Need To Know To Work With an Arizona Realtor® to Negotiate and Successfully Buy an Arizona Home.  And why buying investment real estate might be safer than keeping your money in the bank.

Link:  www.MDAndersonRealEstate.com


What's YOUR Game Plan To buy or Sell an Arizona Home?

What Kind of Agent Do You Want?If you are one of the thousands of buyers trying to buy an Arizona home to get the "first time homeowner" credit from the IRS, welcome.  Or, if you just want to move here and be represented by the best professional Realtor possible, welcome. 

Or, if you have a home to sell here in Arizona or are curious about selling your present home and buying a new home, welcome.  Whatever real estate information you seek you will find on this website.

You can investigate this topic more, on our free information website now.  Just click on the picture, or the links above.


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